Do I Need to Remove Ice From My Roof?


Not sure if you should remove snow from your roof? When snow melts and refreezes, it can lead to ice dams. As a result, ice can damage your roofing shingles. Learn when to address ice dams.

Why Does My Roof Have Mold?

Why does my roof have mold

We all know that mold and fungus is the last thing we want in our home, but what causes it? And how can you prevent mold and fungus on your roof and siding? Top Causes of Mold & Fungus on a Roof Poor Drainage and Leaks Improper Ventilation Poor Drainage and Leaks We all know […]

Water Problems Part 2: Spotting a Roof Leak

How to spot a leaky roof

Last month we talked about how to determine if your roof has water problems. The last few weeks have been ideal for this as we have had lots of rain. Once you identify a leak on your roof it is time to pinpoint the leak. This can be the hardest part of leaky roofs because often the […]

Water Problems Part 1: How to Tell if My Roof is Leaking

Water damage on a Westchester, NY roof

For those of us that want to enjoy the nice warm weather, all of this rain is discouraging. On the bright side, if you are trying to find a leak, rain can be a valuable tool to identify where your roofing is compromised. In nature, water always wins. The smallest gap in your roof will […]