How to Get My Business Winter Ready

Have you had your roof inspected yet this year? It is essential that you take care of all the essentials before the start of the winter. Winterizing your roof and commercial property will ensure your business and customers are taken care of. An inspection before the start of the winter will give you the opportunity to take care of any problems before the harsh weather.

New Roof Coating

Many commercial properties have flat roofs, which means they are  more prone to leaks and ice damming. Replacing a commercial roof can be expensive, but a roof coating is often a cost effective way to repair an aging flat roof. The coating should be applied by an experienced roofer, only after inspecting the roof and making sure a coating is a viable solution. 

Walk the Roof

Walking a flat commercial roof is the best way to spot any minor problems before they become major. A roof inspection should only be performed by a licensed roofer, following all of the OSHA safety guidelines. Ask your roofer to look for damage to the roof flashing, discoloration, pooling water, and cracks in the roofing membrane. 

Check the Drainage

A roof is only as good as its drainage. As you know by now, water is a roof’s enemy, and unless it can freely flow from your roof to a drain, it will cause major damage. Make sure all leaves are removed from the roof, and removed from the gutters. Also follow the slope of the roof and remove any obstructions that will prevent water from passing by. 

Have a Plan

Even after getting your roof in the best shape possible before the winter, unexpected problems may occur. Make sure you have a plan. Have a plan for snow to be removed from the roof after heavy snow storms, as the weight can cause structural damage to the roof’s frame. Also have a plan to quickly repair any surprises that come up.

If you need a hand getting your business ready for the winter months to come, just give us a call.