Skylight Installation

Experienced Skylight Installation and Repair Services

Skylight Installation and Repair

Quality Skylight Installation You Can Trust

Add some beautiful light and fresh air to your home with a new skylight. When it comes to skylight brands, Velux USA is the best. 

Choose from a variety of skylights, sun tunnels, solar tubes and roof windows. There are several types of skylights. This includes, fixed skylights, operable, retractable, curb mount, walkable and more.

Westchester County, NY kitchen after skylight installation of two solar powered skylights

Skylight Installation

You can add a new skylight to any roof type on your Hudson Valley home.

Skylight replacement in a Hudson Valley residential bathroom

Skylight Replacement

Upgrade an existing skylight to a modern energy efficient option.

Westchester County, NY bathroom after a skylight repair for a leaky skylight

Skylight Repair

We help you decide whether to repair or replace your skylight.

Why Should You Trust Us As Your Skylight Contractor?

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No Leak Guarantee

You hate to worry, so why should you? "The No Leak Skylight" carries the new 10-year installation warranty plus 20 years on glass and 10 years on product.

Local Skylight Installation 2

Quality Brands

Velux shares our commitment to quality and community through their attention to sustainable processes. MCAS is a certified Velux Skylight Specialist.

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Solar Tax Rebate

Time is running out to receive up to a 26% tax credit when you purchase a skylight with Solar Electric Properties between now and the end of the year.

New Skylight Installation

Add a skylight to any existing roof!

Our customers are often surprised to learn you can add a skylight to almost any roof. We can put in a new skylight, sun tunnel, or roof window in flat and sloped roofs. 

The Skylight Installation process

There are two phases of skylight installation. Phase 1, the roof; Phase 2, interior. On average a skylight installation takes about half a day, but weather, the type of roof and several other factors can cause longer installation times in some cases. The rooftop portion of the installation of a new skylight includes cutting the hole and fastening the skylight to the roof.

Why Do You Need a Skylight?

Natural light not only helps to brighten your home, but helps to improve your overall health. Without light, life wouldn’t exist. As New Yorkers spend more and more time indoors as a result of busy work schedules and family life, it’s essential that you and your family have enough exposure to the sun. 

Your new skylight will make every day feel like the first day of spring. Velux solar, electric and manual skylights can be opened to let in more fresh air. While opening your windows helps increase airflow across the room, a skylight will help air to flow throughout your room, pushing out the warm, dry air that would otherwise rise up.

In the winter months, the energy efficient glass will reduce heat loss, while the additional sun-rays will help to warm the space. During the hot New York summer months, opening up your new skylight will increase cross ventilation, helping to keep the space cool.

The installation of a new skylight, or replacement of an old one will increase your home’s value. Future buyers in Westchester and Putnam will love both the added features and design improvements. The natural light will catch the attention of prospective buyers, and cause them to take notice.

multiple skylights with copper flashing around them on a sloped and flat roof

Westchester County Skylight Projects

Skylight Installation Specialists

Skylights can add a unique element to your home. Especially here, in and around Westchester County. The fresh air and natural sunlight can change the look and feel of any room. However, if not installed correctly, skylights can be problematic. Common problems from improper installation include skylight leaks, compromised roofing rafters and damaged flashing. 

Hiring an experienced skylight contractor is essential. Ask your contractor about their qualifications. A qualified skylight contractor will be certified as an installation specialist with major brands. You only want the best materials and brands for your home. You’ll end up with a premium skylight, installed by a Skylight Specialist like MCAS Roofing & Contracting, Inc.