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Often, chimneys require more repairs than a roof. In Westchester County, NY, weather has an impact on your home. Extreme temperature fluctuations can damage chimneys. 

The damage to your chimney is not visible to the naked eye. Experienced chimney contractors, like MCAS Roofing & Contracting can spot the damage early, saving you money in the long run. 

Your chimney should only be worked on by a qualified contractor. There’s a lot that goes into your chimney installation or repair. It’s important it’s done properly, to prevent water from seeping under the flashing and in the seams of your roof.

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Chimney Installation contractor Westchester County, NY

Chimney Installation

Masonry chimney repair on a Westchester County, NY home

Chimney Repair

Westchester County, NY home after a chimney inspection

Chimney Inspections

Experienced Chimney Contractors

Custom Chimney Flashing

chimney inspections

Chimney inspections are an essential part of roofing. We include a free chimney inspection as a routine part of our roof inspections. 

Additionally, we offer a complementary chimney inspection with every new roof installation or replacement.

Chimneys can be prone to roof leaks. Flashing is used to seal the seams around the chimney. The space where the chimney meets the roofing materials has to be waterproof. Even the smallest break in the seal can be a problem. 

Periodic chimney inspections should be done by experienced chimney contractors. We can help you catch minor problems quickly.

Chimney Leak Repairs

Chimney contractors must be experts at spotting chimney leaks. A leaky chimney is a common problem. 

The point where the chimney meets the roofing material is vulnerable to water if not properly sealed. Often, when you have a chimney leak, you should upgrade your flashing.

hudson valley chimney repair projects

Masonry chimney with copper flashing with a tan asphalt roof in Westchester County, NY
Masonry chimney repair
Brick chimney with copper flashing on residential asphalt roof in Hudson Valley