Roof Maintenance Saves You Money

Roof maintenance must be a priority for homeowners like yourself. Especially in and around Westchester County, NY where we see a variety of harsh weather. High winds, debris, snow, ice and other elements will destroy your roof if not properly maintained. Taking a few simple steps to keep your roof in top shape will make it last longer. What does that mean for you? Well, you won’t waste money, and you might even save some.

make roof maintenance a priority

A properly maintained residential roof can last well beyond the average useful life. The amount and type of roof maintenance will vary. Frequency depends on the type of roofing material you have, the slope of the roof and environmental factors. 

Roof maintenance must include an annual roof inspection. An inspection will identify any minor problems with your roof shingles, flashing or other areas. This will allow you to repair small problems, before you need a full roof replacement.

7 tips to maintain your roof

  • Keep your gutters and roof drains clear of debris
  • Remove sticks and debris from the roof surface
  • Clean and wash your roof as needed
  • Trim dying trees and branches overhanging the roof
  • Annual roof inspection
  • Quickly repair damaged roof shingles and flashing
  • Patch your chimney and chimney flashing as needed

Roof Cleaning Essentials

Roof cleaning is an important part of proper roof maintenance. If you clean your roof regularly, you’ll maximize its value.

Remove Leaves and Debris

Leaves and other natural debris on your roof not only looks bad, but is bad. Clogging your roof drainage, staining your shingles, and causing moss to grow are just some of the ways debris can damage your roof. You should visually inspect your roof periodically and clean as needed.

Professionally Soft Wash Your Roof

Every so often it is a good idea to wash your roof. Especially if you need to remove algae or moss. Using high pressure to clean your roof is difficult to do correctly. Do not attempt this on your own, as you can do damage to your roof pressure washing it with too much power, or at the incorrect angle. 

hudson valley roof inspections

An annual roof inspection will help to identify any minor issues. This will prevent small roof repairs turning into big problems.

  • Inspect for missing or broken roof shingles
  • Identify any damaged chimney or roof flashing
  • Make sure the gutters are clear of debris
  • Inspect interior ceilings for signs of water damage
  • Check attic for signs of water damage
  • Visually inspect roof for signs of moss, fungus or mold

we're your partner throughout the life of your roof

At MCAS Roofing & Contracting, Inc., our job doesn’t end after we complete your construction project. We are your partner throughout the life of your roof. Our roofing company is invested in building strong relationships with our neighbors throughout Westchester County, NY and the surrounding area. We priority is to earn your trust through open and honest communication. Our roofing experts are always available to answer your questions. We’re providing you the information you need to successfully maintain your home.