When exactly should you replace your roof instead of repairing it? How do you know if your roofing contractor’s recommendation to replace your roof is genuine? Or, are just trying to take advantage of you? These are common questions on every homeowners mind. The best way to prevent your contractor from taking advantage of you is to educate yourself, and ask lots of questions.

5 Factors to Consider

  • The age of your roof
  • How much the repairs will cost
  • The length of time you will be in the home
  • Your personal financial condition
  • The extent of the current damage
5 Factors to Consider To Repair or Replace Your Roof

Consider the Facts

When a roofer recommends to replace your roof, insted of repair, ask them why. Make sure the explanation makes sense. Then, if they’re recommending replacement, get two more estimates.

Don't Trust Just One Roofer

Unless you have developed a relationship built on trust with your roofer, don’t take their word for it. Do your research. When researching replacing your roof, consider opinions from professionals, and your own observations.

Visually Inspect Your Roof

Visually inspect your roof to determine its current condition before roof replacement

Take a look for yourself. You might not be a licensed roofer, like us, but you don’t have to be. From the comfort of the ground, see what your roof looks like. If you can’t see great, use a pair of binoculars. Look for the following. 

Curling or discolored shingles

If your shingles are very dry, discolored or curling, you probably need a roof replacement. The shingles are your roof’s first line of defense against the varying weather elements throughout Westchester County, NY and the surrounding area. Once they become dry, they are prone to leaking. 

Curling roof shingles in need of roof replacement

Missing shingles

If you find a shingle on your property, that means it blew off your roof. Also, look for signs of missing shingles on the room. Once the shingles start to blow off, it can be a sign you need a roof replacement.

Roof in need of replacement

Visible moss, fungus or mold

Moss, fungus or mold on your roof is bad. Not only is it a death sentence for your roof, but can be harmful to your family’s health. Poor roof ventilation will cause moss and other bacteria to grow on your roof shingles.

Moss on a roof in Cross River, NY

Stains on your ceilings

If you see water stains, or discoloration on your inside celings, you might need a roof replacement. Once water starts to leak that far down, it could be a bad sign. However, we have seen many leaks able to be repaired without having to replace your roof.

Ceiling stains from leaky roof

Visible light in the attic

Being able to see light in your attic, under your roof could be a bad sign. It can mean that your roof is not waterproof, or that it’s not properly insulated. However, if you spot these issues before substantial water damage, a roof repair can be sufficient.

Sunlight leaking into attic space causing roof leak

Do You Have the Oldest Roof on the Block?

If all of your neighbors have replaced their roofs, it could be time. In most neighborhoods in and around Westchester County, NY, the homes were built at the same time. So if everyone but you have replaced the roof on your home, consider a new roof installation.

Old Westchester County, NY roof in need of repair

Every roof is different. The type of roof, local climate and weather, quality of your roofing materials, how well you maintained your roof, and length of time since the last installation are all factors that you need to consider. Before making the decision, educate yourself and ask questions. When in doubt, consult with more than one roofing contractor or a trusted friend.