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Roofer near me

9 Tips For Hiring a Roofer Near Me from Michael Casolaro

You searched for a roofer near me in Westchester County, NY, but now what? Who is the right roofer for your home? It isn’t always clear which roofing companies are honest, qualified and reliable. Asking these 9 simple questions will separate the good roofers, from the bad.

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Best roof ventilation methods Westchester County, NY

Best Roof Ventilation Methods for Your Westchester Home

The Best Roof Ventilation Methods for Your Home Residential roof installation in the Hudson Valley involves a lot more than putting on the roofing shingles. The shift in seasons causes drastic temperature changes throughout Westchester County and the surrounding area. 

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How to get my business winter ready?

How to Get My Business Winter Ready

Have you had your roof inspected yet this year? It is essential that you take care of all the essentials before the start of the winter. Winterizing your roof and commercial property will ensure your business and customers are taken care of.

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